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Call Me Gene, Second Edition, 2001, written and illustrated by Drs. N.C. Bailey and N.L. Eskeland.                                                                               ISBN:0-9673811-2-6. Cover designed by Eric Beck and N.C. Bailey. Softcover, 119 pages.

This title is currently not available.

CALL ME GENE received Out-Of-Cycle Legal Compliance Review Approval from California Department of Education.  It was also adopted by the State of Utah, State of Alabama, and has recently been approved by the Board of Education of the City of New York.

Key Benefits

bulletYou will gain knowledge of the genetic code, the cell cycle, reproduction, basic genetics, including inherited and acquired traits.
bulletYou will understand the principles behind the most recent advances in biotechnology.
bulletYou will learn about DNA technology in agriculture, forensic science, and the most recent tools scientists are using to combat disease.
bulletYou will be amazed with its unique, easy-to-read approach, along with many colorful illustrations and exercises.

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