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Case No 6  The Stolen Car



A car was recovered by police after being stolen for several days. Detectives found a hat in the car that did not belong to the owner of the car. DNA typing analysis using D1S80 locus was performed on full hair strands recovered from the hat. The genotype from the evidence sample at the D1S80 locus was 23, 26.

D1S80 is a VNTR locus used in forensic DNA typing. It is typed using PCR method. 

Police picked up six suspects and blood samples were taken from them to perform the DNA analysis. The results are shown in the Figure below. The suspects are designated as 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9.

Questions 1 through 9 are related to the Figure below. (Before you attempt to answer the questions, click on D1S80 and VNTR above to learn about them).



What is the genotype of suspect 2?  

bullet20, 30
bullet11, 40
bullet24, 38

What is the genotype of suspect 3? 

bullet10, 32
bullet28, 40
bullet22, 38

What is the genotype of suspect 5?  

bullet27, 35
bullet19, 28
bullet16, 28

What is the genotype of suspect 6?  

bullet22, 30
bullet12, 40
bullet36, 39

What is the genotype of suspect 8?  

bullet23, 26
bullet16, 33
bullet22, 41

What is the genotype of suspect 9? 

bullet27, 28
bullet11, 40
bullet27, 27

Do any of them matches the evidence sample? 

bulletSuspect 2
bulletSuspect 3
bulletSuspect 5
bulletSuspect 6
bulletSuspect 8
bulletSuspect 9

What are the samples in lanes 1, 4, 7, and 10? 

bulletMolecular Weight Markers
bulletSamples from other suspects
bulletAllelic Ladders

There is a missing allele in lanes 1, 4, 7, and 10. Which one is it? 





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