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My Name Is Gene- Third Edition, October 2007; written and illustrated by  N.L. Eskeland and N.C. Bailey. 

ISBN:0-9673811-9-3, Third Edition, 2007.

Price: CD-ROM   $15.95   

PDF format  $13.95   

A science book that demonstrates God's intricate handiwork, reflecting His glory and wisdom. Much of what makes each one of us unique and special is traced to our genetic code. This book is filled with information on genetics and the scientific advances in biotechnology. It is fun to read, and has many illustrations, including several exercises. This book is appropriate for late elementary/middle-school students in either the classroom or home school. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to learn about genetics and biotechnology!

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Key Benefits

bulletYou will possess knowledge of basic genetics.
bulletYou will understand the principles behind the most recent advances in biotechnology.
bulletYou will have fun reading and solving the problems found in some of the chapters.
bulletYou will be in awe of the power of God, the Infinite Creator.

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