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Case No 4  A Thief in The House!

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Danny and his parents came home after lunch one day, and noticed that their backyard door was unlocked. Danny walked to his bedroom, and to his horror, he found it in shambles. Danny’s large Pokemon card collection and CD player were gone! His Coca-Cola glass bottle, a souvenir from the Coca-Cola museum in Las Vegas, lay broken on the tile floor. Pieces of glass were tainted with blood.  The police arrived and asked the family not to touch anything that could help lead them to the identity of the thief. The police decided to send a piece of evidence for DNA testing. What was that evidence?
bulletBroken glass

The police interviewed a couple of neighbors who claimed that they had seen a stranger who looked suspicious around Danny’s house that day. The neighbors gave the police description of the stranger. The police picked up the suspect at another neighborhood, after a house robbery. Two other suspects were also picked up for stealing a car. At the police station, DNA tests were done on the three suspects referred as suspect 1, 2 and 3. One of the suspects’ DNA test results matched the DNA test result obtained on the evidence from Danny’s house. Can you help the police determine who the thief is? Before helping the police, find out about a DNA analysis procedure called DNA Fingerprint or RFLP.   Click on RFLP to understand more about it.  The RFLP test result on the evidence is labeled EVIDENCE. The RFLP test results on the three suspects are labeled 1 (for suspect 1), 2 (for suspect 2), and 3 (for suspect 3).

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Who is the thief?

bulletSuspect 1?
bulletSuspect 2?
bulletSuspect 3?


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