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Menace in the Walls

by N. L. Eskeland

Menace in the Walls begins with 13- year- old Joshua helping his physician mother at  Cleveland General Hospital during a winter flood. While working in a research laboratory later during the summer, Joshua stumbles on a menace that has claimed the life of his beloved horse, Mandy. He is determined to solve the mystery. During the course of the book, Joshua uncovers his sister Kelley’s inadvertent link to a sinister plot involving the mysterious deaths of infants. Readers are faced with the question of whether Joshua can solve the case without putting his life and Kelley’s in danger.

Menace in the Walls, published by Science2Discover Inc., is a children's fiction based on a true and controversial story that took place in the mid-1990s in Cleveland, OH. During an outbreak of pulmonary hemorrhage resulting in deaths of several young infants, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), led by Dr. Dorr G. Dearborn of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, investigated  the first 10 cases and found an association between the deaths and water-damaged homes containing the toxic mold, Stachybotrys. Since 1993, Dearborn cites 47 cases of unexplained lung hemorrhages in infants in northeastern Ohio. Sixteen of those infants have died. According to Dr. Dearborn, ninety percent have come from water-damaged homes containing toxigenic fungi and environmental tobacco smoke. It appears that smoking triggered the hemorrhages, but the molds caused the underlying damage. Dr. Dearborn read "Menace in the Walls" and advised N. L. Eskeland on the medical aspect of the disease.

Cover Design by Holly Smith


Softcover, 5.25 x 7.5"

142 pages

Retail Price: $10.95 

Release Date: May 2004.

Distributor: Quality Book, Baker and Taylor


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